Helpful Resources

UConn Library Databases:

The UConn Library offers a plethora of databases for finance students to research stocks. Students in the Student Managed Fund find these resources extremely helpful when choosing stocks to pitch. Some of these databases include NetAdvantage (S&P), ValueLine, and Thomson One Banker. To access these databases, search “UConn Library Databases” and search any of the resources listed above.

There are many ways to stay up to date on financial news for our current event discussions, interviews, and more Some of these resources include CNBC, the Wall Street Journal (subscriptions are provided free of charge to School of Business students), Bloomberg(website is free to use and it is also highly recommended that all Finance students take full advantage of the Bloomberg terminals on the fourth floor in the School of Business), Business Insider, the Financial Times (subscriptions offered at a discount to students), and more.



WallStreetOasis is the largest online community for young finance professionals and students and it aims to educate them as they approach critical career decisions. They can benefit from free services such as: the forum, webinars hosted by WSO mentors, finance FAQ’s, interviews and AMA’s, the company database, and a compensation report. Students can also purchase technical, networking, and behavioral interview guides as well as study guides for tests such as the GMAT and CFA.

Mergers & Inquisitions

Mergers and Inquisitions will help you learn what professionals in finance actually do from insiders who have worked in investment banking, private equity, hedge funds, equity research, corporate finance, private banking, sales & trading, and more. You can also gain access to free or paid modeling tutorials as well as resume critiques.

If you use any site not listed above and think it would be a great tool for all Finance Society members to utilize, let one of our Executive Board members know!